Year change activities

We have just told goodbye to 2023 and welcome to 2024.

At Bornholm Runners we were active to the very end of 2023 as Greta and Jesper participated in a local New Year Eve event in Nørresundby, Denmark.

Jesper had to quite his half marathon at around 15 km due to knee pain but Greta finished the 5 km run with big smile

2024 on other hand had hardly started before Michal and Jesper participated in New Year’s Promises version 1 Half Marathon in Aalborg. The run took place on January 10th 2024 with start at 18.30 on a winter cold evening. The surface was partly snow as well as asphalt while doing 4 rounds each over the two bridges in Aalborg. Michal finished in 2 hours 2 minutes while Jesper used 2 hours 14 minutes. At the same run they had company of the Bornholm Runners „candidate” Julia from Poland but also living in Aalborg. Julie came in between the two guys so a good guess is that Julia soon might join the group of runners.

The New Year’s Promises version 2 running evening will take place on February 7th and Jesper already signed in for his next half marathon – lets see if more club runners will join.