More runners join Bornholm Runners so therefore below you will find a list of runs where we expect to participate:

Egholm Trail, Denmark (half Marathon and 5 km) July 27th 2024
Jesper will be running Egholm Trail Half Marathon while Greta will do the 5 km. Egholm is a small island next to Aalborg and the nature should be very beautiful
Copenhagen Half Marathon – September 15th 2024
Jesper was lucky to get one of the very last start numbers for 2024 version of Copenhagen Half Marathon. 27.000 runners will participate and the event was sold out 8 months before the race. This will be Jespers second SuperHalfs event
HC Andersen running event – September 29th 2024
Bornholm Runners plan again to make a common event – this year it will be at the Hans Christian Andersen running event in Odense Denmark.
There are the following distances: Marathon, Half Marathon (run and walk version) 10 km and finally for the youngsters below 18 year 4,2 km.
The list of participants will be updated but so far:
Full Marathon: Kim
Half Marathon: Casper, Jesper and Darren from UK
10 km: Greta, Heidi and Tristan
4,2 km: Noah, Rikke and Selma
This event will for sure be followed up with a story and pictures
Valencia Ciudad Half Marathon, October 27th 2024
Daniel and Jesper will be representing Bornholm Runners during Valencia Half Marathon on October 27th. This is part of the SuperHalfs.
Hasseris Half Marathon and 5,7 km November 3rd 2024
Jesper will again be running Hasseris Half Marathon and Greta the 5,7 km in the area of Aalborg where they live.


Torshavn Half Marathon and 5 km, Faroe Iceland June 9th 2024 – decided to cancel due to strike on the island.
Darren from UK and Jesper from Denmark should have joined the Torshavn Half Marathon while Greta representing Poland during the 5 km run.
Due to a general strike on Faroe Island it was decided to not go and eventual postpone this event to a later time
Aalborg Half Marathon – June 2nd 2024
Jesper ran the Aalborg Half Marathon on June 2nd 2024. He finished in 2 hour 5 minutes and 42 seconds on a very hot route.
HOKA Silkeborg Half Marathon, May 26th 2024
Bornholm Runners had two participants at the running day in Silkeborg, Denmark on May 26th 2024. Greta finishing the 10 km while Jesper again ran the Half Marathon. See more under „Home”
Gdynia Half Marathon – May 18th 2024
Daniel ran as pacer – this time at the Gdynia Night Half Marathon on May 18th 2024 – starting at 20.30 – with the time to pace being 2 hours
Royal Run – May 20th 2024 
The Royal run 2024 – the year when it was the first time that our running Royal family ran as King and Queen. In Brønderslev we had the pleasure of having visit by the H.K.H Crown prince Christian who participated in thr one mile race.
Royal run took place in several cities and from Bornholm Runners we were represented only in Brønderslev as Heidi due to injury could not run in Kalundborg:
Greta 5 km Brønderslev
Lennart 10 km Brønderslev
Jesper 10 km Brønderslev
A great event with sunny and warm weather
Prague Half Marathon April 6th 2024
Daniel and Jesper ran on April 6th 2024 the Prague Half Marathon. As you can read under „Home” Jesper used this run to create a donation for Sport’n’Charity which is a foundation supporting children fighting cancer.
It was their first on the new challenge SuperHalfs where they shall be running the following Half Marathons: Prague, Copenhagen, Valencia, Cardiff, Berlin and Lisbon. It shall be done in less than 5 years to obtain the special SuperHalfs medal. More to follow in this matter but Daniel and Jesper is already signed in for Valencia and Jesper also for Copenhagen in 2024.


Team Rynkeby Nordjylland Half Marathon May 12th 2024
Michal and Jesper participated in the special Team Rynkeby Northjylland event on May 12th 2024. It was a combine charity event with both bike races for kids on May 11th followed by bike races, walk and running events on Sunday May 12th. Michal and Jesper signed in for the Half Marathon the day before and Michal finished in 2 hours 4 minutes and 33 seconds as number 6 – followed by Jesper in 2 hours 9 minutes as number 7. Jesper was again supported by a donation for Sport’n’Charity
Churchill Half Marathon, Aalborg, Denmark May 5th 2024
Jesper celebrated the end of World War II by running the Churchill Half Marathon in Aalborg on May 5th 2024. When finishing he also ensured a donation of DKK 5000 to Sport’n’Charity!
Nordjysk Half Marathon, March 9th 2024
Jesper participated and finished the Nordjysk Half Marathon on March 9th 2024. At the same time he contributed with a donation to who helps children with cancer to get back in best possible shape after their cancer treatment. Read more under „Home”.
New Year’s Resolution Run 2 – February 7th 2024 – in Aalborg
Jesper was the only Bornholm Runners representative at the second version of New Year Promises Half Marathon. On February 7th he ran the half marathon in 2 hours 9 minutes and 59 seconds, so five minutes faster than a month earlier.
New Year’s Resolution Run 1 – January 10th 2024 – in Aalborg
Michal and Jesper participated in a small but very nice New Year Promises Half Marathon run on January 10th around the Fjord of Aalborg, Denmark. Michal finished in 2 hours 2 minutes and 12 second while Jesper came in a little later 2 hours 14 minutes and 43 seconds.
Also the Bornholm Runners „candidate” runner Julia finish the half marathon just some minutes before Jesper.
Sparekassen Danmark – Skansen New Year run – December 31st 2023
Jesper was signed in for his second half marathon this December. On the very last day of the year but due to knee issues he had to stop after around 14 km.  Greta represented Bornholm Runners by finishing the 5 km run.
Aalborg Night Zoo, Denmark – December 2nd 2023
Jesper ran the Aalborg night Half Marathon where large part  of the run was through the zoo with their sleeping animals.
Greta was at the same time doing the 5 km which took place entirely inside the zoo.
Hasseris Half Marathon, November 5th 2023
Jesper continue adding more half marathons on his list. This time it was the local Aalborg (Denmark)  half marathon called Hasseris Half Marathon. On the rainy day of November 5th Jesper finished the run in 2 hours 3 minutes and 11 seconds
1900 Aarhus Half Marathon, September 30th 2023
Jesper ran the Aarhus Half Marathon on September 30th and it was his first race after the DaNang full marathon in August. His time was 1 hour 58 minutes and 49 seconds so below his magic 2 hours
DaNang Marathon – Vietnam – August 6th 2023
Nha and Jesper who shared the tent at Basecamp for the Everest Marathon ran the DaNang Marathon, Vietnam on August 6th 2023.
Greta ran the 5 km.

Hillsborough Castle and Gardens Running Festival July 30th 2023

Darren participated and finished his 82 half marathon on July 30th at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens Running Festival

Etape Bornholm, July 2023

Kim and his daugther Selma ran the Etape Bornholm 2023. Kim made a marathon distance during 5 races over five days. While Selma did a quarter of a marathon over 3 races over five days

Løkken Marathon (also Half Marathon) May 14th 2023
Daniel accepted the challenge from Jesper and both signed up for Løkken Half Marathon which took place only some 18 hours after they finished the Aalborg Half Marathon. Especially for Jesper the second run in such short time and 2 times 4 km on the sandy beach was a real challenge but with company of Daniel they both managed.

Aalborg Half Marathon – May 13th 2023. Not only half marathon but a real running party

Nine runners has signed in on various distances and beside this family members on the routes to support.

At the half marathon participated: Daniel flying in from Poland, Kim  from Bornholm and then the ones living in Aalborg; Michal, Konrad and Jesper.

For the 10 km run Heidi represented the club

Greta and Camilla went on the 8 km walk while little Victor took the children distance with his mother Sandra – who got ill and could not run the 10 km.

Sæbyrun – Knæk Cancer (fight Cancer) run October 29th 2022

A team of runners from Bornholm Runners participated in the „Fight Cancer” running day on October 29th 2022 in Sæby Jutland, Denmark.

Greta, Aleksandra, Michal and Konrad ran one round of 5,3 km while Darren from UK and Jesper ran 4 rounds and by that 21,1 km.

Inca Trail Marathon, Peru  June 7th 2022

Jesper participated in the Inca Trail Classic 30km run on June 7th 2022. A run which was postponed from June 2020 due to Covid. To support him he had his wife Greta and a good friend Malgorzata from Poland.

Jesper ran the 30 km in 9 hours 40 minutes and 28 seconds and became number 4 only overtaken by three young runners from UK

Rock & Roll Marathon Madrid, April 24th 2022
Nha and Jesper had a reunion run when they meet and ran the Rock & Roll Marathon in Madrid. They know each other from sharing tent on Basecamp at the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon. Jesper used the run as a training run before the coming run in Peru while Nha used it to get some extra km in the legs for his 80-100 km runs. They crossed the finish line in a time of just over 5 hours and 1 minute.
London Marathon, October 3rd 2021
Daniel finally could participate in London Marathon on October 3rd 2021 and in the time of 3 hours 23 minutes and 44 Seconds he finished the last marathon in the Abbott World Major

Marathon on the Rocks, Bornholm, September 11th 2021

Jesper came back to Bornholm and together with Kim they did the Marathon on the Rocks.  The race was along the coast of Bornholm from Gudhjem to Rønne. During nice weather they managed to do the 42,2 km and challenging trail running.

Bornholm Runners Virtual Run 13-14.06.2021

5 runners joined the 2nd virtual run at Bornholm Runners. distances of 10 km and half marathon took place in Japan, UK and Poland

Bornholm Runners Virtual Run May 22-23. 2021

Due to the lock down in most of the world and by this no real runs several of Bornholm Runners members went for the virtual run arranged in the weekend May 22 and 23 2021. See the story for more information

Vietnam Mountain Marathon Sapa 70 km, November 21st 2020

Nha participated in the The most famous Vietnam Trail Series run.  Vietnam Mountain Marathon Sapa, UltraTrail over 70 km with 3,4 k elevation – Nha finished in just over 16 hours.

LongBien Marathon, Vietnam, November 1st 2020

Nha finished the Longbien Marathon in 4 hours 35 minutes and 38 seconds as his last training check before the Mountain UltraTrail 70 km marathon on November 21st.

IAAF World Half Marathon Championships moved to October 17th 2020 in Gdynia, Poland

30.000 runners from approximately 100 countries should have been running the World Half Marathon Championship Massstart in Gdynia. Due to Corona virus situation it was finally decided that only the elite could be participating in the real run. All other was running the race as a virtual run on the day. From Bornholm Runners we had Darren, Konrad, Daniel and Marek doing the virtual run.

Virgin Money London Marathon – new date October 4th 2020 (virtual)

it is with great pleasure Bornholm Runners could inform that we would be represented by Daniel Penk. With London 2020 Marathon Daniel will complete his sixth and last Marathon for Abbott World Marathon Majors. However due to Covid this event was changed into a virtual run which Daniel did but we are sure he will try to run the London Marathon in „real” again in 2021.

Marathon on the Rocks, Bornholm September 12th 2020

Jesper was signed in for the first Albatros marathon on his home island Bornholm in Denmark. Due to health issue he changed to run half marathon and became number 6 overall on the rocky and hilly north coast of Bornholm.

VNexpress Hue Marathon September 6th 2020

Nha is planning to run this marathon in the ancient capital of Vietnam as the last test run before his 70km trail run in September

Tien Phong Marathon, Ly Son island, Vietnam, July 5th 2020

Also in Vietnam most runs has been cancelled but this island marathon which was moved from March to July in fact took place. Nha participated and had plan to end around 4 hours but when sun rises temperature reached 37 degree celcius and Nha had to stop at each water station. His ending time 4 hours and 36 minutes are indeed impressive in such conditions.

Løb ALENE Danmark (Run ALONE Denmark) May 16th 2020

Many planned runs has been cancelled or postponed so far in 2020 – hereunder the World Championship in Half Marathon in Gdynia which should have taken place end of March and now postponed to October. Here several from Bornholm Runners is signed in.

In the waiting time we were some who has signed in for the virtual „Løb ALENE Danmark” (Run ALONE Denmark). On May 16th 2020
Following participated:
10 km: Heidi – starting Nólsoy, Faroe Islands, Sandra – starting Rolle, Switzerland, Greta – starting Sopot, Poland then
Half Marathon: Camilla – starting Silkeborg, Denmark,  Konrad – starting Aalborg, Denmark and Jesper – starting Sopot, Poland. 
Klaus – starting Bastrup, Denmark unfortunately got injured and had to give up short after start of his run.
Part of our start fee was donated to the Danish Sclerosis Association so another reason for spending some time in our running shoes

Granada Marathon, Spain September 22nd 2019

Jesper ran the 1st edition of The World’s Fastest Marathon in Granada, Spain on September 22nd. The marathon started on the top of the mountain in 2500 meter and first 30 km was constant down. Anyway it did not give a new record but a great memory

Vietnam Mountain Marathon, September 29th 2019

This marathon is the most famous trail from Topas, the town is also well known and attract trekkers as it is situated in the highland next to Fansipan Mountain – the highest one in Vietnam 3143 m. Here Nha was running full marathon after he in 2018 did the half distance

Hanoi Heritage Marathon, 20 October 2019

Nha ran this road marathon and continue his race story

Christians Island Marathon September 7th 2019

Darren, Kim and Jesper represented Bornholm Runners at Christians Island event on September 7th. All three had decided to only make the Half Marathon. Darren came the long way from Scotland to Bornholm for running his 71st Half Marathon. After running the 21,097 km it was time to enjoy a nice lunch at the restaurant. All in all a great day on Christiansø where Darren became a fully integrated member of the club.

Torshavn Half Marathon June 3rd 2019

One of our latest members of Bornholm Runners Heidi participated in her first Half Maraton on June 3rd. Two days before she ran the women 5 km run also on Faroe Islands. Congratulation to Heidi for the good start in her running interest.

Vietnam Jungle Marathon, May 25th 2019

Nha continued his impressive participation in the special Vietnamese marathon runs. On May 25th 2019 he ran the Vietnam Jungle Marathon and became a great 47 out of 157 participants and the 42 km took 9 hours and 7 minutes.  Enjoy the incredible pictures in the Gallaery from the stunning area of Pu Luong National Reserve

Copenhagen Marathon May 20th 2019

Mark was again at the startline for a new marathon. On May 20th 2019 it was time for the 40th Copenhagen Marathon and he ran the 42,195 km in 4 hours 19 minutes and 58 seconds.

Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef, May 12th 2019

Jesper was on May 12th at the startzone for the Geneva Marathon. After a beginning of the year with a lot of business travel Jesper knew up front that it would be a hard race to finalize. In 4 hours 57 minutes and 7 seconds he crossed the finish line and dedicated the run to his 2 weeks old grandson

Haspa Marathon Hamburg April 28th 2019

Mark has started 2019 very strong and on April 28th he was again at the start line. This time for the Haspa Marathoan in Hamburg. Mark got the official time of 3 hours 56 minutes and 1 second so another run under the 4 hours.

Boston Marathon, April 15th 2019

Daniel was at the start for Boston Marathon when the 123rd version took off on April 15th. Daniel is hereby continued his attempt on the Abbott World Marathon Majors. Daniel made the 42,195 km in 3 hours 9 minutes and 1 seconds a new great time of our fast Bornholm Runner.

Gdynia Half Marathon on March 17th 2019

March 17th 2019 Gdynia Daniel ran the Gdynia Half Marathon as part of his training for the coming marathons. It was at the same time a good option to train the route for the World Championship of Half Marathon 2020 which will take place in Gdynia!!

Thy Trail marathon, Denmark February 23 2019

February 23rd 2019 Mark was running the challenging Thy Trail Marathon in Jutland, Denmark. It is a challenging route on the beach area of the windy Jutland coast. Mark ran the challenging 42 km in 4 hours 20 minutes and 34 seconds and 38 position out of 151 participating men.

Vietnam Trail Marathon in Moc Chau, 19.01.2019

Nha represented Bornholm Runners in the challenging Moc Chau Trail marathon which took place on January 19th 2019. With a time of 8 hours 31 minutes 34 seconds he ended 122 out of 369 finishing participants.

Gdynia Parkrun 01.01.2019

Jesper participated in the Gdynia New Year Parkrun on January 1st 2019 at 9.00 am. Some 78 runners were ready at start and made the run in rain and wing. A good start for 2019 running plans

Gdynia Parkrun 26.12.2018

Daniel (with his little Adam in the wagon) and Jesper ran the Gdynia Parkrun on December 26th 2018. A great 5 K run in nice sunny weather.

5k run during Gdansk Half marathon event 28.10.2018

Daniel participated at a special 5 km event during the Gdansk Half Marathon on 28.10.2018. Here he was running with little Adam in the special running wagon. It is not only during the full marathon distance Daniel is fast – he also got first place during this special run when crossing the finish line 19 minutes and 25 seconds!!! Adam took the rainy weather as a real prof and at Bornholm Runners we just wait for him to sign in as a member 🙂

Chicago Marathon October 7th 2018

Daniel is for sure the most international runner from Bornholm Runners during the 2018. on October 7th he participated in the Chicago marathon. Daniel finished in 3 hours 6 minutes and 37 seconds so again a solid performance.

Berlin Marathon September 16th 2018

Daniel continued his international marathons by running the famous 45. BMW Berlin Marathon on September 16th. A run which went into the history books as a new World record was made for the men runners. Daniel ran this time in 3 hours 7 minutes and 17 seconds

Copenhagen Half Marathon September 16th 2018

Casper and Jesper had again a family „fight” when both starting at the Copenhagen Half Marathon on September 16th. Jesper manage the run in just over 2 hours and won with 8 minutes to his nephew Casper. No doubts Casper will ask for a new chance.

Christians Ø marathon September 1st 2018

on the small island of Christians Ø in Denmark we had four runners participating in the 2018 runs. Kim, Mark and Jesper started on the full marathon distance + with start number 1, 2 and 3!. Greta started in 1/4 marathon distance. Due to the hard route it was only Mark and Kim who managed to end their target.

Tenzing-Hilary Everest Marathon May 29th 2018

Jesper ran the World’s Highest marathon which started from Base Camp at 5,364 meter on May 29th 2018. Pictures and story to follow

Copenhagen Marathon May 13th 2018

Mark ran his next marathon in Copenhagen on May 13th. With the time 3 hours 41 minutes and 50 seconds it was again personal best.

Marathona de Roma April 8th 2018

Our newest Bornholm Runner member Tomek ran his first marathon in Rome on April 8th 2018. Congratulation with a succesfull run supported by his family

Tokyo Marathon 25.02.2018

Daniel Penk represented the Bornholm Runners at the Tokyo Marathon on February 25th. We have for some time expected it to happen but that it would be so far from home was perhaps a surprise. Daniel ran the marathon in amazing 2 hours 59 minutes and 44 seconds – our first runner under the magic 3 hours

Thy Trail Marathon 25.02.2018

Mark tried this time the marathon distance on a trail route  – indicated as the toughest in Denmark. Finish in a position of 34 among the 160 participants Mark proof that he is a good marathon runner and that we can expect much more from his side in the future. The time of 4 hours 13 minutes and 5 seconds indicates that we for sure can expect a fast time on an easy route.

Athens Authentic Marathon – November 12th 2017

On November 12th 2017 we had three runners from BornholmRunners at the authentic Athens marathon – Mark, Kim and Jesper were running the 42.195 meter from Marathon to Athens. Mark ran his first marathon and came in just below 4 hours – a really great time on the challenging route. Kim just after while Jesper needed some extra 45 minutes. Later the same day Greta ended the running event with a 5 km city run in the very city centre of Athens. All in all a great trip to Athens which for sure can be recommended.

Copenhagen Half Marathon 17.09.2017 

Mark made a new personal best during this year Copenhagen Half Marathon. This even the last kilometers were done in an amazing weather of combined rain, thunder and hail. This resulted in the event were stopped due to safety. Read more under „Home”

Solidarity Marathon – August 15th 2017

Daniel ran the 2017 Solidarity Marathon as the 4 hours  speed person.. It was therefore a little slower than he usual run the 42 k.

Copenhagen Marathon May 21st 2017

Daniel continues his strong running performance and representing Bornholm Runners at Copenhagen Marathon on May 21st he made a new personal best – 3 hours 12 minutes and 48 seconds.

Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef – May 7th 2017

Kim, Casper and Jesper ran aginst each other as a family competition during the Geneva Half Marathon on May 7th. At the same time the other family and Bornholm Runners members Konrad ran the 10 km while Greta and Sandra did the same distance as Nordic Walking on May 6th and finally not to forget our youngest members Selma and Olivia who ran the children run on May 6th. All in all a real running family weekend.

Christiansø Marathon April 22nd 2017

Kim went again to the small island Christiansø to run this time half marathon. It was a very windy April 22nd so the ferry trip to the small island north east of Bornholm was a heavy experience. Kim however did a great run and ended as a number 3 in the men group.

Lesny Gdynia Half Marathon on April 9th 2017

Mariola was again active and on this April 9th she made the Lesny Gdynia Half Marathon

Two new personal best for at 3rd Gdansk Marathon – April 9th

Marek and Daniel represented Bornholm Runners at the 3rd Gdansk Marathon on April 9th. They did both the personal best and are now the only runners in the club who ran faster than 3 hours 30 minutes. Daniel made the impressive 3 hours 18 minutes and are heading towards being first member crossing 3 hours. Marek followed short after and in a great new personal best in 3 hours 27 minutes.

Mariola participated in the Runmagedon on April 8th 2017

On April 8th Gdynia arranged the Runmagedon with almost 4500 participants. This is a hard combined running with a lot of physical exercises during the trail. Mariola from Bornholm Runners participated as part of her other activities. We hope to get some pictures.

Daniel ran the Mediolan Half Marathon March 19th 2017

Daniel is a strong Bornholm Runners and continue his International activities! On March 19th he ran the Milan Half marathon in just below 1 hour and 33 minutes and is for sure a fast member

Gdynia Half Marathon March 19th 2017

Three runners from Bornholm Runners: Mariola, Marek and Jesper ran a windy and cold Gdynia Half Marathon on  March 19th 2017

Barcelona Half Marathon, February 12th 2017

Only two weeks after Daniels marathon in Morocco he ran again – this time the Barcelona Half marathon. It seems that the health this time was better as he finish in net to time 1 hour 32 minutes and 48 seconds

PKO Grand Prix Birthday run – February 11th 2017

On a really cold February 11th Rafal and Jesper participated in the PKO Grand Prix which also was the Gdynia 91 year birthday run. Temperature was minus 9C and a rather strong wind make it as a arctic experience

International Marathon of Marrakech – January 29th 2017

Daniel decided to ran his second marathon in Africa! January 29th he participated in the Marrakech marathon and with a time of 3 hours 33 minutes and 9 seconds he made a new personal best.

Antarctic Ice Marathon – November 25th 2016

November 25th 2016 finally started the 2016 version of Antarctic ICE Marathon. Signe and Jesper started the 42.195 km in approximately -20 C but in amazing nature.

7 hours and 2 minutes after start the two Danish runners from Bornholm Runners ran over the finish line with the Danish flag between them – the Antarctic ICE Marathon was completed.

The day after they received the next and main medal – Signe as the first Danish women being member of the 7 Continent Marathon Club and Jesper as the 3rd Danish man.

This event was also a fund raising for Gdynia Children Event and more than PLN 18.000 raised

Gdynia Independence 10 km run – November 11th 2016

We are not really sure how many were running the Gdynia Independence 10 km run on November 11th but for sue Konrad were running in his Tiger dress and by that got attraction for the Bornholm Runners club.

5th Tczew Half Marathon – October 30th 2016

Our last new member Anna were running the Tczew Half Marathon on October 30th 2016.

AmberExpo Half Marathon, Gdansk – October 16th 2016

Marek and Jesper represented Bornholm Runners at the 2016 version of AmberExpo Half Marathon on October 16th 2016. Marek made his new Personal best and with 1 hour 33 minutes and 57 seconds it is a question when he break the 1.30. With the new result Marek at the moment the club record for men but even we are running for fun most probably Daniel will try to challenge him in the coming months. Jesper ran testing some of his gear for the forthcoming Antarctic run and ran in just over 2 hours.

Copenhagen Half Marathon – September 18th 2016

8 runners from Bornholm Runners met in Copenhagen to run the Copenhagen Half Marathon on Sunday September 18th. Already Saturday our two youngest members Selma (5 year) and Olivia (9 years) ran the children event. Sunday it was Signe, Mark, Daniel, Darren, Casper, Klaus, Kim and Jesper who went out on the 21,1 km. A great event with large amount of supporters – also from our families side.

Mauritius Marathon – July 17th 2016

Jesper ran on July 17th 2016 his 6th continent marathon when he did the LUX Mauritius Marathon. It was a run with hard weather conditions – strong wind and heavy rain. He managed the 42.195 meter in 4 hours 36 minutes and it was his second best run ever – only heated by Brussels marathon in 1990! Greta was running the 10 km run and managed also the weather conditions so two medals came home to the Bornholm Runner house in Gdynia, Poland. See further information and pictures under first page of our web page.

Jesper will now focus on his 7th continent – the Antarctic Ice Marathon in November and the Fund raising project connected to this project.

Christchurch Airport Marathon – New Zealand – June 5th 2016

Jesper ran his 5th Continent marathon as part of the Seven Continent Project

2. PZU Gdansk Marathon – May 15th 2016

Bornholm Runners had 3 runners participating in the 2nd PZU Gdansk Marathon on May 15th. They did all three new personal best. Daniel ran his first full marathon.

Harmony Geneva Half Marathon May 8th 2016

Jesper was running the Geneva Marathon on May 7th in nice sunny weather. It was planned to be part of his marathon training for the coming run on June 5th in New Zealand. However assisted by the newest member Caroline from Geneva and supported by Sandra and Michal at the finish part it became a new personal best in one hour 57 minutes and 32 sec.

European Run, Gdynia May 7th 2016

Second run in Grand Prix Gdynia  took place on May 7th.  Several runners from Bornholm Runners particiapted

PZU Gdynia Half Marathon March 20th 2016

7 runners represented BornholmRunners at the first PZU Gdynia Half Marathon on a cold March 20th. Three came the way from Denmark to Gdynia whereof two ran their first half marathon. Casper came in around one hour 56 minutes and it is a good time for first half marathon. Klaus took some longer time and enjoy by that the nice city of Gdynia more than rest of the group. The other runners were Marek, Rafal, Daniel, Kim and Jesper.

PKO Grand Prix Gdynia – Birthday run 13.02.2016

February 13th Rafal and Jesper represented Bornholm Runners at the first Grand Prix Gdynia 10 km city runs. It was Gdynia 90 years Anniversary.

The four runs in the Grand Prix is beside the Birthday run, Europa run on May 7th, Night run June 17th and ending with Freedom run on November 11th

Freedom run in Gdynia November 11th 2015

Roger made his first run for Bornholm Runners at the fourth run in the Gdynia Grand Prix – also called the Niepodleglosci Biegu 2015 or Freedom run – also Jesper participated among the almost 8000 runners. The Grand Prix of 2015 is now over.

AmberExpo Half marathon October 25th 2015 in Gdansk

October 25th at 10.00 Mariola, Marek, Michael and Jesper started at Amber Expo Half marathon – all representing Bornholm Runners. It was Michaels first Half Marathon. All four finished the run and had a good and hard run.

Gdynia Night Run June 19th 2015

June 19th at midnight the third of Gdynia Grand Prix 10 km city run took place.

Queensland Half Marathon June 7th 2015

During another business trip Jesper participated in the Queensland Half Marathon, Australia on June 7th. Start at 07.00 a.m. or just some 7 hours before his flight took of back to Europe. A great route in very nice nature – for sure recommendable.

Sao Paulo Marathon May 17th 2015– PLN 8.440 to Gdynia Children’s Hospice

Jesper participated in Sao Paulo International Marathon. JS Hamilton donated PLN 8440 to Gdynia Children’s Hospice as an agreement with Bornholm Runners and as a result of Jesper finishing the marathon successfully. See pictures from the run in Gallery.

Gdansk 1st Marathon May 17th 2015

Mariola and Marek run both their second marathon when Gdansk organised the first Gdansk Marathon. See some great pictures in Gallery.

European Run in Gdynia on May 9th 2015

Rafal and Jesper ran the second 10 km run in Gdynia Grand Prix 2015 on May 9th . Again plenty of runners had found their way start.

PKO Half Marathon, Sopot, May 2nd 2015

The city of Sopot are trying to get the World Champion ship in half marathon in 2018 and as a preparation they organised their first Sopot Half Marathon on May 2nd. Jesper represented Bornholm Runners as a training for his later marathon in Brazil.

Christian’s Island Marathon April 18th 2015

For its fifth time Christian’s Island Marathon was organised. The route consist of 27 rounds on the Ertholmene (the name of the two small islands at the most East part of Denmark). Our local Bornholm Runner Kim participated and with 4 hours 15 minutes he became no. 10 among the men. We hope to be able to upload some pictures from this amazing marathon.

Cross Island Half Marathon on Bornholm April 3rd 2015

On April 3rd 2015 Kim ran the Cross Island Half Marathon on Bornholm.

Gdynia Birthday Run February 21st 2015 

On February 21st Gdynia had its city birthday event. Bornholm Runners started by Greta participating in the Nordic Walking event. Later followed Mariola, Marek, Rafal and Jesper in the 10 km run. This was  the first of the 4 10 km runs which yearly takes place in Gdynia Grand Prix and also the officially start of 2015 for Bornholm Runners.

Signe ran the 6 Inch Trail Marathon (47 km) North Dandalup in Australia

The fifth continent is done when Signe ran her marathon in Australia on December 21st 2014. She was the first Dane running this special Marathon which has a participation limits of 250 runners. Read more on we also hope to get some pictures from Signe’s trip to Australia

Gdynia „Freedom” Niepodleglosci Run on November 11th 2014

Several of our local Polish runners participated in the special Freedom run which took lace for the 17th time. It is part of the four 10K Gdynia city runs which are organised every year. The route and the distance makes it a very popular run to participate in.

Signe from Bornholm Runner made the Polar Circle Marathon, October 26th 2014

Signe continues her wish to run marathons which most will call rather extreme ones. On October 26th she made the Polar Circle Marathon on Greenland.

Gdansk Half Marathon, October 26th 2014

Mariola and Marek ran the Gdansk Half marathon on October 26th 2014.

Kim continue to impress – two marathons in two weeks

Kim ran two marathons with only 14 days in between, on the 27th of September was it the lighthouse marathon which was the „short” distance in the ultra-race „lighthouse to lighthouse”, where the route goes from the north point of the island of Bornholm (Hammerodde) to the southen most (Dueodde), and again on the 12th of October where the Championships of Bornholm, in marathon and half marathon, was held in Nexø on the east cost of the island. Both races were organized by the SAAN runners.

Marek made his first Marathon. Solidarity Marathon gives a donation of PLN 4220 from Hamilton Poland

Marek and Jesper participated in the traditional Solidarity marathon on August 15th 2014. Marek made his first marathon ever and secured a donation from Hamilton Poland of PLN 4220 (0.10 per meter) to Children Hospice in Gdynia. Jesper had to give up after half marathon with his running t-shirt in blood.

There is no doubts that we in the future again will see Marek trying himself on another marathon in the future.

Signe made the Swiss Alpine Marathon, July 26th 2014

Signe made the Swiss Alpine Marathon. The ascent and descent, combined with the high altitude and the partially rough mountain track combined with heavy rain, make the marathon one of the most challenging mountain races.

For more information about the run:

Sunrise Marathon on East Coast of Bornholm

On a rainy morning on June 29th at 3.00 Kim and Sandra stood on the starting line. Kim was going to run the Sunrise Marathon and Sandra a 10 km.

Mazury Marathon and 10 km – 14.06.2014

Bornholm Runners were represented by Greta for her first 10 km run and Jesper for his 10th marathon.

The company Espersen from Bornholm had agreed to donate 0,10 PLN per km and together Greta and Jesper raised PLN 5220 for the Children Hospice in Gdynia!

Hans Roemers Marathon – 01.06.2014

15 runners participated in the beautiful maraton in the forrest of Almindingen on Bornholm. One of the runners were Kim from Bornholm Runners. He made his second marathon and a new personal best.

Gdansk ZOO 10 km run – May 24th 2014

Four runners from Bornholm Runners participated in the Gdansk ZOO 10 km run. Rafal just signed in the day before and it was his first run with us.

The route was relatively hard with some hills but anyway it was great to have a view to the many wild animals next to you.

We all had a grat Saturday morning and for sure we will think positive for participation next year.

World Championship in Half Marathon – Copenhagen March 29th 2014

Four runners from Bornholm Runners: Sandra, Kim, Peter and Jesper were running in Copenhagen on March 29th 2014. It was first time the World Championship for world elite and a amateur run took place at the same time. Some 300 elite runners and about 30,000 amateur women and men had a great afternoon in wonderful Copenhagen. More than 100,ooo supporters and 40 music bands made this afternoon to something very special. Please read the story when it is available.

December 26th 2013 11.00 a.m. –  Bornholm Runners had some fun time at Nadmorski Bulwar

Members, their families and friends came to take place in the Bornholm Runners Christmas Run at Gdynia Seaside Boulevard on December 26th.

Some were walking, other jogging and finally some running a half marathon on the 2 km long Seaside Boulevard.

Most important – great time to spend some active time with friends after eating a lot of Christmas food the last days.

This might be a tradition for the future!

December 8th 2013 – 11th Santa Half Marathon in Torun.

Bornholm Runners was represented by Mariola and Marek at the 11th Santa Half Marathon in Torun Poland. The weather up to the event was very bad with heawy snow and storm so Greta, Sandra and Jesper decided not to go.

Mariola and Marek had a nice Sunday run on slippery roads but in fact much better conditions than anticipated when they left Gdansk early morning. This half marathon is not a route where you can expect to make records but just to participate with all the other „santas” is something special. No doubts that it will be on the list for 2014 as well.

Bagan Temple marathon on November 2nd in Myanmar

Bornholm Runners was represented by Greta Kristiansen who ran her first  half marathon and Jesper Floyd Kristiansen managed the full marathon at Bagan Temple Marathon in Myanmar.

Some 145 runners from more than 20 countries participated. The temperature came over 40 C and it was therefore a very hard run. This was the very first time Bagan Temple Marathon was organized and it was a great experience. See more information under stories.


November 11th 2013 – 4th 10 km city run in Gdynia will have participants from Bornholm Runners

Bornholm Runners were actively running the fourth and last for 2013  10 km city run in Gdynia on November 11th.

Kim made his first marathon run

Kim from Bornholm made his first marathon when he Sunday October 13th ran the SAN Marathon on South East of Bornholm.

The marathon was a natural next step for Kim after he in August were one of the four relay runners doing 25 km. 4 hours and 42 minutes is a good time for first marathon and especially after Kim hit the famous marathon wall after some 27 km.

Here in Bornholm Runners we congratulate Kim and welcome him in the marathon „club”. We will be looking forward to follow his next running challenges. Kim is working on getting the last details done regarding a sponsor arrangement to Children hospicium in Gdynia. We will update this article when we know more.

4 x 25 km relay on the island of Bornholm August 11th 2013

One of the main events of 2013 was the 4 x 25 km relay organized on Bornholm on August 11th. One mix team from Bornholm Runners participated. Jesper, Michal, Sandra and Kim ran with support of family members on the island. Almost 11 hours run and a great 2nd place out of 5 mix teams!

Most important was that Bornholm Runners with this result got a sponsorship of PLN 10,000 from JS Hamilton in Gdynia. A donation which will be transfered directly to the Children Hospicium in Gdynia.

Midnight run the June 21 in Gdynia

Gdynia’s third (out of four) 10 km city runs takes place on June 21st with start at 23:59.

To celebrate the 2013 longest day we hope for as many participants to run from Bornholm Runners as possible. Supporters are welcome as well!

Second Gdynia City Run, May 11th 2013

Bornholm Runners had a great afternoon at the second Gdynia City run
Five runners enjoyed a nice afternoon on May 11th 2013 by running a 10 km city run around the center of Gdynia.

In total more than 3000 runners participated and for the representatives of Bornholm Runners it was also the first possibility to try and show the new running t-shirts for NewLine which had been finished at the printing house the day before.

Weather was nice and five persons dressed in same t-shirt already got a lot of attention. We can only imagine how it will be when we will become much more running members.