About us

We are an informal group of runners from different countries who first of all run for fun and not for the results. The aim of being part of Bornholm Runners is to have a social network to facilitate driving together to runs, discuss running issues and plan for new runs in the future.

The Bornholm Runners started in June 2013 as a non-profit association registered in the City Hall of Gdynia under number 79. In 2016 the rules for such associations changed and would result in auditing requirement etc – meaning significant more administration and that a free membership would not anymore be possible. Therefore, Bornholm Runners as of 2018 just is an informal group of runners who jointly has decided to share their passion for running. As we are not an organization, we do not pay any participation fees and each of us covers his costs of his own activities.

By April 2020 Bornholm Runners are from: New Zealand, Vietnam, Kuwait, Russia, France, Switzerland, UK, Faroes Island, Denmark and Poland. We are very open to anybody who wants to join us from all over the world as long as they share our passion for running.

We shall aim to run half-marathon or longer runs as our target on shorter or longer term.

The name of our informal group – Bornholm Runners – comes from the creator of the group Jesper Kristiansen who emigrated from Bornholm to Poland in 1995.

Bornholm on the other side is also seen as a symbol of an ideal running place with a lot of special routes and at the same time having a very healthy environment.

Bornholm Runners will therefore plan to participate in runs on Bornholm when it is possible and will suit us.


Our mission is – besides having fun when running – to generate awareness and if possible, sponsor money paid directly to organizations and institutes for children suffering from life threatening illnesses.

Support plans:

Bornholm Runners have the aim to support children suffering from life threatening illnesses. It is up to each of us to identify and decide about whom to support. It is possible for potential new runners or sponsors to get information about actual plans by contacting Jesper Floyd Kristiansen via the web page.