World Championship Half Marathon – Copenhagen 29.03.2014

Four Bornholm Runners participated in the 2014 IAAF World Championship in Copenhagen.

On March 29th 2014 the weather was amazing good and supported the 30,000 amateur runners who had decided to make the World Championship in Half Marathon as a very special event not only for the participants but also for the entire Copenhagen.

Some 100,000 people were gathered in the streets of inner Copenhagen and supported together with 40 music bands the runners during the entire afternoon.

For the four runners from Bornholm Runners it took about 40 minutes just to pass the start line – at that time the winner of Women Half Marathon just finished her run. Alright she also started 30 minutes before the mass start but first man run the 21,1 km just below one hour! The four Bornholm Runners certainly enjoed the atmosphere and spent between 1 hour 42 minutes and just below 3 hours before they could get the very special medal around their neck. A lifetime experience was done and it was time to enjoy some time in wonderful Copenhagen – thanks to everyone supporting the Bornholm Runners during the run.