World Athletics Half Marathon 17.10.2020

For many months the World Athletics Half Marathon Championship has been one of 2020 major running targets.

The race with both elite and massstart should originally have been taking place in March in Gdynia, Poland. Due to Covid-19 situation the race was then moved to October 17th and training could continue.

Unfortunately the Covid situation did not change positively and with some weeks to start the organizer decided to let elite run the championship but the massstart was changed into a virtual run.

From Bornholm Runners we had the following participants (confirmed): Darren running in UK, Konrad running in Denmark, Daniel and Marek running in Poland. Jesper who got injured when running his last half marathon on Bornholm used the opportunity to support the elite runners on the official route in Gdynia – fully dressed with Danish flag while Mara (Greta and Jesper’s dog) wearing the flag of Bornholm.

The fact that the run was changed into a virtual run – even it was on the day of the main event – of course took some of the atmosphere from the run. It was planned to be a major team event with Bornholm Runners flying in to Poland, staying at Jesper and Greta’s place. After the mass run they planned eating a dinner together, sharing stories and running plans. Now the runners had to enjoy separate and only sharing the experience over the social media.

Another reason for the team of runners now talking about gathering on Bornholm September 2021 to the next Marathon on the rocks. We are mainly running for fun and for the social part so to be gathered and celebrate after is something we all look forward to – especially during these Covid times!!!

To all the finishers of World Athletics Half Marathon Championship we congratulate with the result and to be part of such a huge event.

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