Marathon on the Rocks! With complications

Jesper went to his birth island Bornholm to run – when Albatros arranged their first ever Marathon on the Rocks – on September 12th 2020.

This was Jesper’s first official run in 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic and he was looking so much forward to the event. Perhaps also as he had been training more than 200 km per month during 2020 so far.

The days up to the run he start to feel a pain in his left leg and when arriving to Bornholm he asked organizer if he could downgrade his participation to half marathon.

The start of the race was at the amazing Hammershus Ruin – the most famous tourist attraction on Bornholm. Weather was nice and sunny – Greta and the dog Mara was supporting at the start. To Jesper’s surprise he was leading the Half Marathon race for the first over 1 km and after that for quite some time in top 3. The race is going up and down the rocky and hilly north Bornholm for later going out to the sea and again into an old stone factory area. After some 15 km when arriving to Hasle – family of Camila and Kim as waiting and supporting – the race also went on more flat surface, but at the end again out around the sandy beach area. At this time Jesper was on 6th position and the last kilometers he decided to give it all to not lose to any more runners. At the finish area Jesper felt more pain in left leg – like a heavy muscle injury – so the passing of finish line was not exactly looking well!

The result 2 hours 17 minutes he was really happy as the race is a real trail half marathon. Also here a thank you to Camilla, Kim and Selma (Jesper’s family and members of Bornholm Runners) for supporting during the last part off the run and at the finish line. Kim for sure a little jealous for not bing signed in to this year event 🙂

During the following Sunday and Monday the pain got more intensive and Tuesday he was diagnosed with a blood clut in the left leg – so not bad running a Half Marathon in such conditions – as the doctors at the hospital told 🙂 Now instruction is clear – no more running in 2020 and the next check of leg will be early December. At the time of publishing this – Jesper is out doing training as Nordic Walking to keep momentum.

About the Marathon on the Rocks of Bornholm – this is simply one of the most amazing trail runs you can imagine. You are running along the coast of the exotic tourist island of Bornholm – only leaving the coast to take some hills and rocks when following the trail route.

Bornholm Runners – the name itself indicate it – but Jesper is working on gaining a big part of the members to go to Bornholm in 2021. Hopefully the World will be after the Covid-19 vaccine and by that runners from Vietnam, Poland, UK and of course Denmark has already informed being positive to participate on either half or full marathon distance. No doubts Jesper (and his family) will love to show this incredible island to as many runners as possible.

For any further information feel free to contact Jesper via „Contact us” on this webpage