Seven runners at PZU Gdynia Half Marathon March 20th 2016

Bornholm Runners had the largest number of participants in one single event during the first PZU Gdynia Half Marathon on March 20th 2016.

Three runners – Kim, Casper and Klaus – all nephews of Jesper came to Poland from Denmark. For Casper and Klaus it was their first Half Marathon ever and both were eager to beat their uncle Jesper.

Locally started Marek, Daniel, Rafal and Jesper so all in all seven runners representing Bornholm Runners on the street of Gdynia during a windy and cold Sunday morning.

As usual Marek was the fastest of the team but short after came Kim, Daniel and Rafal while Casper and Jesper had their own competition and Casper made it first to the finish line. All 6 below the 2 hours mark.  Klaus had a hard time out on the roads and came tired but happy to the finish line and made his first half marathon in under 3 hours.

team picture