PLN 18.700 to Children Hospice after Antarctic ICE Marathon

As mention in separate story Signe and Jesper ran the Antarctic ICE Marathon in November 2016.

Jesper used the event as a fund raising for Gdynia Children Hospice.

Now early January 2017 it is with great pleasure we can inform that some PLN 18.700 (Euro 4.150) should have reached the account of the hospice.

Bornholm Runners would like to say a very special THANK YOU to:

JS Hamilton Poland     Again supporting our aim – this time with       PLN 10.000

Berendsen Poland        Supporting with PLN   3.000

Dir. Wlodek Kwiatkowski, Berendsen (personally)   supporting with   PLN   2.000

FUSAO, Brazil      supporting with Euro 500 (PLN 2.250)

Biocartis, Belgium (Employees)    Supporting with     Euro  320   (PLN 2.250)

Hospice  Grzegorz Miloch









Priest and Director of Gdynia Children Hospice Mr. Grzegorz Miloch say thank you for the support from Bornholm Runners and our sponsor


JS Hamilton