Jesper ran the Inca Trail Classic (30K) June 7th 2022

After twice being postponed due to the Corona pandemic Greta and Jesper together with their good friend Gosia finally could end of May 2022 leave for Peru.

It was a combined vacation trip combined with Jesper running the Inca Trail on June 7th.

The trip started with some days in Lima where the good food could be enjoyed. Later they left for Cusco.

On the first days they took for acclimatization trip to a lake place over 4000 meter.

They also had the time to enjoy the incredible nice city of Cusco

Well the famous food of Guinea pig was not the favorite of the team!

From Cusco they had various trips around in the beautiful area and especially the Lamas were really popular

In between was organized acclimatization/training runs.

Closer to the running event the organizer again and again suggested marathon runners who did not „need” the full marathon distance for instant for 7 continent event should change to the Inca Classic of 30 km. The reason was that the finish line for both Classic and Marathon would be Machu Picchu. However due to the pandemic the gate into Machu Picchu would be closed at 15.00 sharp. Previous years it had been possible still to get runners in after the gate closed.

The day before the Inca Trail the participants went to a camp site – and again was suggested to change distance. Jesper who two years before had a blood clot in his left leg started to think seriously to change into the 30 km. The organizer informed that there would be a time cut after the first 5 km of 1 hour and 15 minute. If coming later the runner would have to change for 30 km.

Jesper therefore decided to wait until the start of the run to decide for final distance.

At 5.00 am the start took place and with head lamps the runners started the run on the difficult surfaces.

Jesper came to the 5 km cut off place after about 45 minutes but having his health conditions in mind he decided to go for the Classic distance.

On the 30 km – which is a trail people normally walk during 3-4 days – it goes over two passes higher than 4000 meter. The first one is called the Dead Woman’s Pass and is 13.800 feet high (4215 meter) and it is like the stairs never ends

After getting to the top where temperature was closed to zero Celcius it went down but for short after going up towards the second pass on the route called Runkurakay Pass of 13.000 feet (3900 meter).

Literally you are almost down on your knees to fight the many and endless stairs with stones with different shapes and slippery. No doubts this race was the hardest Jesper has done so far – mainly because of the surface was so dangerous and the risk for falling and/or twisting the feet was constantly high. Jesper only fall ones and without any bad issues.

During the time Jesper ran the Inca Trail Greta and Gosia did a hard tracking for some 10 km to end at Machu Picchu to welcome the runners as they would finnish.

After some time they saw Jesper coming running and by this only missing less than 2 km of the run.

Jesper finished the Inca Trail Classic in the time 9 hours 40 minutes and 28 seconds and became number 4th. The 3 before him was three young runners in the early twenties so Jesper was really happy for the result

Jesper was running with a Cancer test from 2cureX where he works to show that his professional and private life is closely linked.

After some time Greta and Gosia also entered the incredible Mach Picchu

A new chapter of exotic running events could be added.

The day after the Inca Trail it was time to visit Machu Picchu – and fully understanding why this in one of the 7 wonders in the World!

It was also time for the receiving the medal both for the tracking as well as for the running.

The trip also brought them to the Rainbow Mountain which is above 5000 meter and it is incredible how the colors changes.

Later it was time for a couple of relaxing days in Lima inclusive an excursion to see the Nazca lines by a small airplane

all in all an unforgettable and a life time experience visiting Peru and its lovely friendly people and great food.