Darren run his half marathon no. 71

At the 10th version of the running event on Christiansø next to Bornholm in Denmark Bornholm Runners had 3 participants all signed in for Half Marathon.
Darren came the way from Scotland, Jesper from Poland and Kim from Bornholm.
Jesper had the worst start of the event due to luggage delay in Copenhagen so he urgently had to buy all running gear at a local Bornholm supermarket 20 minutes before it closed Friday evening.

Saturday morning at 7.30 the boat left Tejn on the North coast of Bornholm and started the 1,5 hour sailing to the Christiansø. It is in fact two islands – Christian and Frederiks island and all in all lives around 100 people. It is a very beautiful place so the boat was full of good spirit – perhaps less when
the waves got bigger around half the way.
Kim and Jesper ran together until Jesper fall and hit his chest on the rocks – then Kim went on alone. All three finished in the order: Kim first, Jesper second and Darren third of the Bornholm Runners.

After the run they all three enjoyed the included free lunch at the local restaurant. Darren could celebrate his 71st half marathon – heading towards his target of 100!!! Very impressive and this race was most probably one of the harder ones but for sure also most picturesque.