1st World’s Fastest Marathon 22.09.2019

Bornholm Runners were represented by Jesper at the 1st World’s fastest Marathon in Granada, Spain on September 22nd 2019

The run started a little over 2500 over sea level and the next 30 km were a constant running downhill. The last 12 km was on the regular road into Granada centre whereoff finish was 3 rounds around the park.

Jesper brought his wife (and running member) Greta and she was main reason that Jesper still tried to run the last 4 km as he was totally flat.

Dream was to make a newpersonal record and it was not possible but it was his 4th best time in his life.

There were two runners from Kenya and they did come in 1st and 2nd but their dream to be below the famous 2 hours did not come to life.

During the after party Jesper talked to the new professional runners and even they are running more than 250 km per week they were still destroyed so that help Jesper to come over his result