Christians Island Marathon – 27 rounds in the picturesque landscape

April 18th 2015 it was again time for the amazing Christians Island Marathon after a break since 2012.

Christians Island is placed in the Baltic Sea just outside Bornholm in Denmark.

You have to sail with a small ferry to reach Christians Island, so to arrange a marathon on a small island in the Baltic Sea in April is always a risk. The islands are so small that a full marathon means 27 rounds on the rocky „roads”. Here are on the other side no cars so gulls are the main hurdle to pass without being attacked.KJE_4546 KJE_5268

Kim from Bornholm participated and became number 10 among the men participants with a time on 4 hour 15 minutes which is a great time the conditions taken into consideration.

Take a look in the Gallery and enjoy the fantastic pictures from Kims run.