Nha Runs Moc Chau Trail Marathon, Vietnam

Nha from Hanoi in Vietnam continue doing impressive marathons after he in May 2018 finished the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon where he met Jesper and became member of Bornholm Runners.

On January 19th 2019 he ran the Moc Chau Trail Marathon – also called the Vietnam Trail Marathon.

Nha mention after finishing the run: „The trail itself was marvelous, it’s challenging, it’s poetic, it had everything in it”! How can anyone explain the feelings after a run better than this?

The run is part of 3 trials run: Vietnam Trail Marathon, Vietnam Jungle Marathon on May 25th and ending with Vietnam Mountain Marathon on September 29th 2019.

Nha ended the Moc Chau Marathon in 8 hours 31 minutes and 34 second which gave him a 122 place among 369 finishing runners. From Bornholm Runners we would like to congratulate him with the good result

If any other runners would like to join Nha for the coming two runs feel free to contact Jesper by „contact” on this page.