Bornholm Runners Virtual Run May 2021

To keep the motivation among the Bornholm Runners members during the continued Covid Lock Down around the World, it was decided to arrange a Virtual Run weekend on May 22nd and 23rd 2021.

All in all 15 runners went out in their running shoes in the following countries: Japan, Poland, UK and Denmark. Distances covered; Children run (2,2 km), 10 km, Half Marathon and Full Marathon.

Nha (Vietnam) started the „show” by running a half marathon in Tokyo Saturday when us in Europe still was deep in our beauty sleep. During the weekend rest of us managed to get out either alone or as in Aalborg, Denmark where we were running 5 in a team event.

Result from the Virtual Run – May 2021

May 22nd
May 23rd
Selma (DK)2,218.11
Darren (UK)101.09.31
Mike (UK)101.09.31
Steve (UK)101.09.31
Kim (DK)1058.22
NHA (Vietnam)21.0971.45.07
Lennart (DK)21.0971.45.47
Marek (PL)21.0971.49.52
Søren (DK)21.097
Frederik (DK)21.0971.57.42
Kasper (DK)21.0971.57.42
Konrad (DK)21.0972.00.35
Jesper (DK)21.0972.00.35
John (UK)21.0972.11.11
Daniel (PL)42.1954.09.37

At Bornholm Runners we also love to get stories from our runners and Darren send me the below and I have decided to copy it right into this story. Thanks Darren.

„It’s Saturday 22nd May 2021 and there is only one thing that Darren is more sick of than lockdown… it’s emails inviting him to pay £30.00 to not actually run around a major city… someone trying to pretend that you can enjoy the sites and sounds of St. Petersberg virtually is optimistism on a grand scale. It’s a bit like my returning to Cristianso and expecting to win. Nice idea, not going to happen!

So as discussed, described and Cajoled by Jesper we said we’d have our own virtual event – and this was mine. Due to the wonders of Parkrun the bumpy landing of my move to Glasgow was softened by meeting a bump of ‘mature’ joggers – Dave , Mike , Steve, Reuben and myself have formed what used to be known as ‘someone to go jogging with’ but in current parliance are more likely to be considered a covid-safe, online, inpark, exercise support network. With Reuben being away for work and Dave being encumbered by a dodgy calf. It was with some fear and trepidation that I picked up Mike and Steve and we headed for the wind farm to the south of Glasgow.

Whitelees wind farm is great for many reasons, the views are something else (as long as you don’t mind wind turbines and I don’t so there you go Mr. Trump) actually you can see all the way down to Mr. Trump’s golf course and on to Ailsa Craig the parking is free and you don’t see too many people there once you get a bit beyond SUV park (and they are mainly SUVs believe me). Best of all though unlike jogging around yer actual Glasgow you don’t have to stop every hundred yards… you can get into a rhythm. Now my rhythm recently has been ponderous and some but if I can get into a groove and not interact with  other people I can keep on trucking and find it all kind of rewarding. Secretly I’m actually the fastest of out gang but I’m also the most antisocial – I just pretend I’m slow to avoid the chat.

So the three of us set off with ten km in our sites. Mike and Steve did head off into the distance and I was happy to let them. I felt my cheap but actually pretty good GPS watch buzz every 6:30 and before you knew it I had clocked up a ten k. My best run in ages. Since COVID I have not found much motivation, that is why I entered events – if I hand over my cash I am going to train and make sure I get around.

I did an extra 2 km to make it a twelve k training run for a half next month and caught up with  Steve and Mike back at the visitor centre. After a weird year the infamous Wetherspoons was finally open again – and we went for some lunch!”

At last but not least I would like to remind everyone reading this – that on June 12th and 13th we are doing the Virtual Running Weekend again. Feel free to join us both as member or not. Contact me for further information.

On behalf of Bornholm Runners I would like to congratulate all runners for their run and I am looking forward for the next one. New run – new stories and pictures – I wish everyone a good training time.

Jesper Floyd Kristiansen

Bornholm Runners – Aalborg team – in really bad rain
Darren and Mike
Lennart – after running in the summerhouse area of Northern Jutland, Denmark
Entire Aalborg team – after doing 21,1 km in rain most of the time
Daniel – ran the Gdansk Marathon, Poland – as pace keeper. A real run taking place under special conditions.
Darren and Mike (UK) – so ready and so nice area to make the run
This was made for the run